Ethnic counselor

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Ethnic (eth’nik) adj. a) Of or relating to a sizeable group of people sharing a common and distinctive racial, national, religious, linguistic, or cultural heritage.
Counselor (koun’se-lor) n. a) A person who gives counsel; an advisor. (Source – American Heritage Dictionary Of English Language 4th Ed.)
Any mental health provider legally able to provide independent or supervised mental health services as in accordance with their local / national licensing and/or credentialing authority. Licensing and credentialing standards vary from region to region and country to country. So if you’re seeking the services of an independent mental health provider, please be sure the provider is authorized to provide the services you seek.™ makes it easy for people and other professionals to identify and connect and network with mental health providers worldwide.
Mental health issues exist in all parts of the world. Providing a centralized resource that enables professionals, students, and others to connect and share information, resources and ideas that can help alleviate mental health issues globally, while accounting for cultural, research and best practices, is the goal.
Recognizing and accounting for Diversity. Facilitating Access to services and resources. Promoting effective, culturally appropriate, evidenced based interventions.
The site is primarily for mental health providers who are seeking to network with colleagues and share their services and expertise with others. People from the general public along with counseling students, are free to join the community as well.
A Basic Membership provides members with access to all public areas to the™ website. A Basic membership allows users to search our directory of™. Professional & Agency Memberships are for counselors and service providing agencies ONLY. A Professional & Agency Membership enables mental health providers and organizations to create their own professional profile and access the advanced network and support tools the website has to offer.™ is a platform that seeks to enable its members to engage in the cross-cultural, global struggle to promote mental health and well-being worldwide.
Given the complexity and dynamic nature of national, racial, cultural, religious and ethnic identification,™ believes that a person’s identity is a personal choice. The challenge we face is to provide simple and flexible ways for people to identify who they are, where they come from and what their areas of interest and expertise are as a way of enabling them to meaningfully connect with others from various national and cultural backgrounds worldwide.