is an online internet service (social directory) dedicated to increasing access and communication between mental health professionals and potential clients. will create a unique niche. It will offer its users the largest online directory of ethnic mental health professionals in their area. It will also provide services that will make it easier for professional members to network with other members, grow their practices and better assist potential clients.

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Ethnic (eth'nik) adj. a) Of or relating to a sizeable group of people sharing a common and distinctive racial, national, religious, linguistic, or cultural heritage.


Counselor (koun'se-lor) n. a) A person who gives counsel; an advisor.

The name, "EthnicCounselors" was coined to represent the core idea of the project. Our usage of the term "ethnic" is not intended to be exclusive in its application. Ethnic minorities along with other ethnic subgroups fall under this term. (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America etc.)

EthnicCounselors.Com™ seeks to actively work to

  • Create an online social directory that promotes the provision of high-quality, culturally responsive, and language-appropriate mental health services.
  • Help people overcome cultural barriers and stigmas that discourage them from seeking professional help.
  • Assist professional counselors in their efforts to make their ultilingual and/or culturally competent services available and accessible to those who seek and need them.
  • Encourage the development of cultural competence in all counselors and the expansion of the ranks of professional counselors from under served ethnic, religious, linguistic and racial groups. is committed to developing and providing services that improve access to ethnically oriented mental health resources. The primary means of doing this is through the online social directory which offers the following features
  • Searchable National Database of licensed clinicians (Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Marriage Counselors, & Licensed Professional Counselors) that permit users to search by race, ethnicity, religion, language, specialty, geographical region, credentials and other variables.
  • Customized Groups
  • Upcoming Events Postings
  • Customizable professional Profiles
  • Employment & Professional Practice Related Ads / Classifieds
  • Web based links to Practice Related Articles, Resources & Research Information
The General Public Can
  • Search for an "Ethnic Counselor" near them (Geographic / keyword / Category search)
  • Access and Review Individual Counselor / agency Pages (Only Providers Come Up In The Search Results)
  • Share resources and information with others
  • Identify and locate additional community based professional and self-help resources